Civilisation Lighthouse

You can see the tower-like structure just before its final completion in the images. This is the ‘Civilisation Lighthouse’, erected to “protect” our technology-dependent civilisation from destruction and show a possible path towards the future and a “golden age of humanity”. The tower represents the progress of mankind during the development of technical civilisation, made possible through the exploitation of non-renewable resources. This means from the Renaissance to the present day and then into the future using a scale of 2cm in height corresponding to 1 year. The mosaics show the most significant events in recent history that have already taken place, but also predicted possible future events under varying developmental possibilities.

The tower is the headquarters of our scientific research futurologist company Save ci (Save civilisation), which focuses holistically on the possible development of mankind in both the near and distant future on a planet-wide scale. This involves primarily the following fields:

    - ensuring the planet-wide safety of the population through the creation of multinational rapid reaction forces, limiting and gradually eliminating the black market in weapons, limiting the private ownership of firearms, special units to destroy terrorism, etc.;
    - uneven population growth and its pace creates constraints on growth in global consumption, while failure to harmonise these trends will lead to a worldwide decline in average living standards. It is necessary to take advantage of the enormous increase in the productive workforce in the coming years to rebuild transport infrastructure, robotise industrial and automate agricultural production, etc.;
    - the gradual greening of transport through the introduction of new vehicle types (led by Elbil) with the gradual automation of haulage (IDK) and limiting air transport over land will enormously increase its safety;
    - while taking the status quo in terms of private ownership into account, strive to channel investment flows to balance living standards in different countries to prevent economic migration;
    - extending product lifespans, sorting waste, reducing disposable products, changes in power generation and transport are essential preconditions for maintaining the current state of the environment and even to improve it in some areas;
    power generation
    - a gradual transition from non-renewable sources to renewables is a prerequisite for improving the environment and improving the overall standard of living;
    space research
    - a gradual improvement in cooperation between all space research centres during the creation of global space bases employing reusable spacecraft based on LIM will enable the accelerated construction of bases on moons and the planet Mars;
    urban development
    - a gradual slowing of the growth of the world’s megacities through their interconnection using urbanized belts will increase safety in cities and bring residents closer to nature.

Other fields include finance, politics, social issues and more.

All these and other fields are, however, only viewed generally given their global scale, and this through mathematical/graphical presentation. The fact is that we currently need more collaborators for our team – both external and permanent. Applicants can therefore also apply through this website. We would also appreciate any financial or other support to enable the rapid completion of the tower and the elaboration of our research activities. Organizations and individuals who support us will preferentially receive reports on the results of our research. If you are interested in the preparation of a futurological forecast for a particular field, we will be willing to prepare one after agreement on the content of the contract. Please contact us by e-mail:

Based on demographic developments on the planet, the results of our work so far enable us to state that humanity has now arrived at a time when a decision must be made as to which of four preliminary development paths it may proceed along:

1. Continuation of the current development of government by superpowers replete with small and large military conflicts – probability around 34%

2. Global unification of the world, currently represented by the powerless UN and which could in the near future allow a so-called golden age of mankind practically without wars - probability around 22%


3. The emerging development of government by bureaucratic continental unions in the near future with a reduced number of small wars – probability around 30%

4. Apocalyptic development in the form of global conflict, resulting in the deaths of more than half the planet’s population and drastic reductions in living standards for future generations. This development can only take place in the next 10 to 15 years – probability around 14%


The aim of our efforts is to enable Development No 2 and to prevent Development No 4, which has unfortunately already begun to form in the shape of population migration.


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